Bader Hot Breakfast Meze £4.50

Falafel, hummous and Bader foul or foul medames served with flatbread Foul medames is not Vegan.
Extra Flatbread 30p

Juz-Muz £3.99

Eggs fried with tomatoes, onions and chilli flakes served with flatbread.
Extra Flatbread 30p

Foul Medmes £3.99

Fava beans, yoghurt, chickpeas, parsley, tahini, garlic, tomatoes, lemon and olive oil served with flatbread

Bader Foul £3.99

Mashed fava beans slow-cooked with tomatoes, onions, garlic and fresh

Falafel £3.50

Fresh crispy falafel made from ground chickpeas served with
flatbread and a choice of hummous, baba ghanuuj or matabel.
Matabel is not vegan

Egg salad £4.50

Diced boiled eggs, tomatoes, spring onions, feta cheese, mint and olive oil served with flatbread

Badinjan makdous (v) £3.00

Baby aubergines pickled stuffed with walnuts and garlic

Labna £3.00

Dry yoghurt, olive oil and dry mint